From the Legends of the Eight Worlds...

Damage Control

Wrong Turn
"Has anyone been checking these monitors?"

About the Eight Worlds

Ships in The Eight Worlds tended to be old, often older than their crews, because that was all their owners could afford. Inevitably, and in spite of the best maintenance, things broke. Causes varied, and might range from simple malfunctions to the results of combat, but if the ship was headed toward a planet at the time, repairs could become a matter of some urgency! (See ejection pods.)

In case you were wondering, the girl with the pointy ears was from Earth. Historical records suggest that Terrans acquired this mutation sometime during the Time of Troubles. In this and in other ways, the inhabitants of Earth differed so much from ordinary humans that there was some speculation they might no longer be homo sapiens. How did she keep her ponytail under control in zero-g? Terrans were rumored to have mysterious powers. This may be one of them.

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