Legends of the Eight Worlds...

The Rebirth of Interstellar Trade

Interstellat Trade
"Uh, sir, do you think we might have got a bit carried away?"

About The Eight Worlds

During the Time of Troubles that followed the collapse of the old Terran Empire, much technology was lost, and interstellar travel became little more than a memory. But civilization recovers, and as the planets that were to become the Eight Worlds took their first tentative steps back into space, trade was one of the driving factors for their expansion.

One of the most famous of those pioneering traders was Ian Horwis of Goa. Looking beyond the local routes that had begun to link Goa with its sister worlds, Bon Regis and Forret West, he launched an ambitious series of missions into deep space. The first missions were failures, finding nothing but ruins and impoverished survivors of the cataclysms that destroyed the Empire. But in 2979, he reached the merchant world of Sinclair, establishing his fortune, reputation, and a market that persists to this day.