Legends of the Eight Worlds...

The Return to Earth

Interstellat Trade
"I guess things changed while we were away."

About The Eight Worlds

When the Empire fell, Earth was lost. During the long dark centuries that followed, it faded in memory until it was little more than a legend. Terra, cradle of humanity, birthplace of mankind? Surely this was only a myth. But there were some who believed, and one of those believers was Ian Horwis, Merchant Explorer.

Towards the end of the 30th Century, he launched from Goa in his famous ship, the New London, hoping to rediscover the route to Earth, and earn profits along the way. The way was long and hard -- past Forret West, where pirates still prowled, the beguiling lotus-land of Sinclair, and the cindered ruins of New Cincinati, still glowing with radiation after five centuries of despair. But he pressed on until that historic day in 2983, when his crew emerged from hyperspace near an ordinary G-type star to see the famous blue dot -- Earth! -- suspended in space before them. Overwhelmed with emotion, Master Horwis reached for the communicator to contact a civilization many believed had been destroyed.

Historians are still struggling to interpret recordings of the subsequent conversation...

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