From the Legends of the Eight Worlds...

Exploring New Worlds

Starcrew, ATV, and beer
"Let me know if you spot any new life or new civilizations..."

About the Eight Worlds

Like all human endeavors, starcrews varied in mission and character. Some were doughty warriors, ready to give their lives for a cause. Others were keen merchants, ever in search of a profit. A few turned to piracy, by taste or inclination unable to lead a more civilized life. And there were even some scientists, pushing ever farther into the unknown, seeking to extend the boundaries of human knowledge. Inevitably, many flights took ships beyond the Pale, to worlds long-forgotten, or never before seen by man. Most starcrew undertook these flights with reverence and respect, keenly aware of their position as ambassadors of humanity...

...but a few took a more... relaxed... attitude toward space exploration.