Doctor Manhattan's Brother Biff

Doctor Manhattan's younger brother Biff
"Saving the world, one beer at a time"

Biff Manhattan
Biff Manhattan is the younger brother of the famous superhero, Doctor Manhattan. Like his older sibling, Biff is invulnerable, immortal, and has a wide range of powers, including the ability to fly, teleport, perceive events in other places and other times, create or destroy objects of any size, and rearrange the fundamental atomic structure of himself and the things around him.

Appearance and characteristics
In appearance, Biff Manhattan takes the form of a bald, overweight human male of below-average height, with blue skin. He could almost certainly make himself taller or assume a more athletic form, but he doesn’t seem to feel this is worth the effort. He could also produce copies of himself, but he only bothers when there are several good games on the tube. Like his older brother, Biff tends to go around in his underwear, when he bothers to wear clothes at all, but this may be due to laziness rather than a colossal, unbridgeable gap of perception between himself and the rest of the human race.

Early Life
Biff was born Robert Osterman in 1938. The last of four children, Robert was a poor student and chronic underachiever, known to his siblings as ‘that no-good younger brother of yours’. After dropping out of high school, Robert left home to take a succession of low-paying jobs, finishing up as a part-time auto mechanic in Hackensack, New Jersey. It was there that he had the accident that transformed him from a less-than-ordinary mortal into... Biff Manhattan.

Unlike his older brother Jon, who obtained his powers from a dramatic accident involving the Intrinsic Field Remover -- a high energy physics experiment at the top secret government facility at Gila Flats -- Biff obtained his by stumbling over a lawn chair. Indeed, it appears that the Osterman children were genetically predisposed to acquire superpowers after any sort of accident whatsoever. While Biff’s oldest sister Atlanta (Professor Manhattan) acquired her powers while trying to adjust the quantum phase processing core of ATHENIAC, a successor to the ENIAC computer, her sister Victoria (Vicky Manhattan) gained hers after an unexpected mishap involving exotic lingerie.

History and Activities
Because of his careless habits and erratic behavior, the American government has done everything it can to discourage Biff Manhattan from using his powers to fight crime, defend his country, or save the human race. For his part, he seems content to laze around the yard, drink beer, watch football, and use his powers to look through women’s clothing. But he did manage to destroy Krang the Merciless’s Robot Legions while on the way to the store to pick up some brewskis. And he wiped out an alien invasion fleet, entirely by accident, when he was ‘lighting off an atom-powered flamer’ in an attempt to impress his neighbor Amber ('Boom Boom') Felicito.

For her role in this achievement, Ms Felicito was later awarded the World Peace Medal.

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