The List of Interesting Things

Here you will find many things...

...humor and stories, archives of forgotten campaigns, and timeless classics. There are also links to other sites. Some involve hang gliders, which represent the pinnacle of humanity's technological, spiritual, and cultural achievement, while others involve airships, which are almost as neat, but harder to store in one's garage. Some are useful, some are interesting, and some are reciprocal links. here for nostalgia's sake, or belong to friends. Also check out the alpha version of the Online Writing List.

Humor and Stories

Ancient History and Forgotten Campaigns

Timeless Classics

Other Sites

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Links

Airship Links

Other Aviation Links

  • The Aerodrome. The WWI Aviation Site.
  • Air Sport Blogs. Not purely a Hang Gliding and Paragliding link, but interesting.
  • Somewhat unusual. Click the link labeled Lift to find their magazine.
  • Thirty Thousand Feet, with thousand of excellent links to web pages, news, and aviation information.

Useful Links

Interesting Links

Reciprocal Links, Nostalgia, and More

Another Fine Day in Australia...

Flying the coast at Fairhaven

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