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The Web Should be the Perfect Place for Serialized Dramas. The bandwidth, page size, and audience all seem exactly right for serialized stories, novels, and fiction in the style of 1930s cliffhangers. But for some reason, there don't seem to be many good directories of online series.

That's why I'm building this one!

This site contains a growing list of online serials. It also contains some useful directories, sites of individual authors who maintain directories, and a small (yes, I admit it's still very small) list of web comic directories. If you have work you'd like to see listed, send me a link using the submission form at the bottom of the page, and I'll try to include it in the next weekly revision. To see an example of what I'm looking for, check out my serial drama at

Go to The Flying Cloud, R-505. A tale of airships, adventure, gallant gentlemen, and sultry island maidens, set in world like ours, or perhaps a world that was.

This project is new, and it remains to be determined whether it will succeed brilliantly or sink without a trace. For the immediate future I'll be maintaining this page by hand, but as it grows, I will automate the submission process and add standard features such as searches, comments, thumbnails, and reviews. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email.

Disclaimer: While I make every attempt to screen the links on this site, I cannot be responsible for their content, particularly if the authors make changes I am not in a position to discover. If you encounter any problems, or find material that you feel is objectionable, please let me know.

Online Serials, Alphabetical by Author

  • C.B. Ash's Tales of the Brass Griffin. Steampunk and airships, in a another Europe, in a world rich and strange. And I want one of those griffins!
  • Jason Atwood's Splintered Fate. Jayce and Kayli live on a farm in the sleepy town of Enfield in the nation of Midland. But Jayce and Kayli have not always been simple farmers.
  • Kendal Black's By Kendal Black - Current Adventure: 'The Ghost King'. Ongoing adventures in a world of magic and intrigue.
  • Gabriel and Miriam Cole's Leather and Blood. The story of the years Miriam Bloodmoon spent traveling the Southlands and waging war on the Raiders with her famous Sabre Wolves.
  • Bryn Colvin and Tom Brown's The Copper Age. Part webcomic, part prose, great ideas, great art! Set in the town of Hopeless, Maine, where the residents find life a little darker and more dangerous with every passing day.
  • Bryn Colvin and Tom Brown's Hopeless Vendetta. The newspaper of Hopeless, Maine. Interative -- leave a comment, join their community, and you may find yourself in the news.
  • Aonghas Crowe's Fast Times and Hard Time in Japan. An American expat living in Japan is suspected of committing a crime he did not commit. Can he successfully defend himself against the juggernaut that is Japanese justice, where suspects are browbeaten into confessions and almost all those charged with crimes are found guilty?
  • Nils Durban's Shadow on the Sun. The tale of Sleet James and his acquaintance with the demonic and other-worldy Shadows.
  • Grant Entwistle's This is Not Science Fiction. Cliche-free science-fiction, divided into freestanding short stories set on Mars and what life would be like for people trying to make a living up there.
  • Chel Griffith's The Gilded Shackle. Book One of The Evermancer Saga. Family feuds, awakening magic, impending war, and an ancient secret that will change their world forever! Be sure to check out the companion site at
  • R. L. Jean's The Noble Pirates. The Real Men Behind the Myths. Great art, great premise, and a story that drew me in from the start. And... hey... pirates! What's not to like?
  • Chazz Korvex and Jessica Flare's Livermore - The Online Novel. An abandoned town. A phantom house. Dark legends. And a young orphan boy wrongfully accused of a murder he did not commit. He's sent to Torrance, a psychiatric hospital... and then...
  • Dave Lerner's Small Problem. Debby Small has a small problem. She's only 6.5 inches tall! Now she has to make her way in a world ten times bigger, and a hundred times crazier. It's off to a great start! And best of all, Dave gets the science right!
  • Kira Lerner's About Schuyler Falls. When a brutal murder in a jazz club shocks a small New York town, lives are ripped apart by secrets ranging from personal to political to the utterly bizarre. Discover the twisted psyches and self-destructive behaviors rife within a community. Dive in ... and donít be afraid of the dark.
  • Candace McBride's Tattoo. A bibliophile-nerd applies magical talents to solving... problems... in modern-day Lovecraft's world.
  • MeiLin Miranda's Free Fantasy Fiction. Stories of magic, sex, and intrigue! Includes Skyer's Gulch and An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom.
  • W.D. Nagel's Flight of the Calliope. The adventures of Captain Dirk Gisko, who finds himself caught up in a conspiracy in a world of airships, floating continents, dastardly villains, and incredible inventions.
  • Frances Pauli's Space Slugs. The universe is about to get sticky.
  • Lyn Thorne-Alder's Addergoole. A contemporary fantasy story with erotic and dark-fantasy elements -- a modern fairy tale of sorts --, without the soft-glow filters to soften the harsh edges, without the safety of "happily ever after" or even the security of knowing that the Prince on his white horse is the good guy
  • Virginia Ruth's Nona Umbra. That opening sentence was impossible to resist!
  • Amber Simmon's A Timely Raven. As a hang glider pilot, who's flown with ravens, I have to approve of the lead character.
  • Ryan A. Span's Street of Eyes, a long-running cyberpunk serial.
  • Amy Thompson's Circle of Friends. The country of Clockland was an unusual place. No one remembered where it's name originated. But time and clocks had been banished centuries ago.
  • Peter Tzinski's God in the Machine. Adventures in cognitive science.
  • Eleanor White's Targ. Targ and companion strip Peter Perp describe the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment. This crime is acknowedged in statistics, but far too often, complaints are rebuffed. Public education is key to achieving justice.
  • Jim Zoetewey's The Legion of Nothing. The Heroes League was once among the world's most famous superhero teams. Teenager Nick Klein has inherited his grandfather's powered armor, the team's command center, and possibly his enemies.

Online Magazines with Serialized Dramas

  • EpiGuide. Edited by Kira Lerner. An online community devoted to original web-based entertainment sites, from webfiction and online serials to webseries and webcomics. With articles, interviews, episode previews, and forums!
  • Orion's Child. Edited by Gabriel M. Cole. Science fiction and fantasy short stories, serials, and art.
  • Spontoon Island. Edited by Ken Fletcher. A collection of farce, fable, and adventure, loosely based on 'South Sea Island Adventures', including those all-important... seaplanes!
  • Tome City. Edited by Overlord. Like to read and write? Tome City is the place to share your stories!
  • Vonsbooks. Edited by Von. Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy, with links to other books and lists.


Novels and Directories, Alphabetical by Author

  • Jennifer Armstrong's Online Novels, with a superbly-maintained set of links to other work.
  • Robert Hopcott's Online Stories. Novels, novellas, short stories, and a great directory.
  • R. L. Salisbury's Setisia. A fantasy novel and coming of age story, with links to other online sites.
  • A. Starling's Foxglove site. Two interesting SF novels and a list of sites in the UK.

Web Comic Directories

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