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The Flying Cloud eBook Is Out!

His Majesty's Airship, the Flying Cloud, Seasons 1 and 2, is now available as an eBook, complete with graphics. For less than the price of a jar of Vegemite, you can download the adventures of Captain Everett and his crew to enjoy on your e-reader or mobile device. Buy a copy, enjoy the saga, spread the word to your friends, and write a glowing review so that the tale of our favorite airmen (and airwomen) can take the world by storm, attract the attention of some brilliant movie producer, and become a wildly-successful motion picture. Think of it as modest but welcome donation to help the Royal Navy Airship Service maintain standards.

His Majesty's Airship, The Flying Cloud His Majesty's Airship, The Flying Cloud
On a routine flight above the Coral Sea, Captain Everett and his men are attacked by a mysterious cruiser. They pilot their crippled ship to an island in New Caledonia, where they find the French governor involved in a conspiracy with German arms smugglers. They steal the smugglers' ship and fly it back to Australia. Soon they're caught in a tangled plot involving renegade German nationalists, White Russian scientists, a French jewel thief, a misplaced Viking warrior queen, and at least one (1) sultry island maiden, if you don't mind that bit about the spear. Can they unravel this web before it's too late?
The Mesotech Wranglers The Mesotech Wranglers
Nomads versus villagers, tribesmen versus townsfolk, marketing versus development: some conflicts are as old as time. This time it's a band of rapacious mesotech ranchers trying to drive peaceful nanotech farmers from their land. Who will win? Who will lose? And what is a mesotech, anyway?
A Fistful of Mesotechs A Fistful of The Mesotechs
It's hard life, running self-replicating mesoscale automatons out on the range. The work is tough, the hours are long, and you never know you know when some wild robot might wander in from the suburbs to attack your inventory. It gets even harder when rustlers are making off with your units. Can Bob and his neighbors track down the culprits and put an end to their thieving ways?
Doppler's Sword Doppler's Sword
Travelling at nearly the speed of light, an interstellar ramship can carry passengers and cargo between the stars in a subjective time of months rather than decades. It can be used for other purposes as well. This intrusion of relativistic physics into inter-world diplomacy has profound implications for any would-be conquerors.
Pursuit Curve Pursuit Curve
Fenris is a world dedicated to war. Its forces have never been defeated. Agora is a world of peaceful merchants. Surely they could have no chance against such a foe. A battle between a heavily-armed Fenring warship and a defenseless Agoran trading vessel would seem be a one-sided affair. But those Agorans are awfully clever...


The Flying Cloud Zazzle store still exists. It contained many novel and interesting things, until some busybodies at the Office of the UK Secretary of State for Defense ordered Zazzle to remove them. They issued their demand in flagrant defiance of a definitive ruling by the British Patent Office in 2004 regarding the public's right to display obsolete WWI-era rondels on articles of clothing. Poor sportsmanship on their part, I'd say.