The Vauxhall D-type

Cthulu's wild ride?

It’s been a long time, what with a new job, an apartment move, a cylinder head swap on the Miata, and a few hang gliding trips, but this seems like a good time to restart the Flying Wire. Our heroes (and heroines) are into their third season now as the saga continues.

One of the most entertaining things about putting together a story of this sort is researching the background. Back in the days of 1930s serial dramas, this might have meant visiting the library to pour over encyclopedias, old newspapers, and musty reference books. In this modern era, you can find some amazing things on the Internet. That Vauxhall for example. We know Captain Michaelson has a staff car, and given the man’s status and pretensions, it must surely be one of excellent quality. But a Rolls Royce seemed a bit too obvious. A quick search through a historical list of British manufacturers turned up Vauxhall and their remarkable D-type, along with pictures, specifications, and even a few Youtube videos.

It seemed a pity to let this information languish unused, and so Mister MacKiernan’s Wild Ride was born. Unfortunately, nowhere in this vast cornucopia of online material could I find a good picture of a Vauxhall hood ornament from the 1920s. There are any number of poor ones, but they were all too blurry to be useful. So I had to improvise…

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  1. I had no idea that “The Flying Cloud” was by Paul Gazis.

    Any idea of where Mark from The Wild Hunt is these days? I still correspond with John Sapienza, Jr. (he is married, finally).


    Steve Marsh

  2. Paul Gazis says:

    Hi Steve,

    No idea? Why who else would possibly create such a thing? But so far, I’ve been having too much fun with the existing characters to slip in any references to Tarin and Meson :)

    I haven’t been in touch with Mark since shortly after that big asteroid impact in the Yukatan Peninsula that wiped out all those pesky dinosaurs, but there has been some discussion of The Wild Hunt on the Flying Cloud Forum (

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