Late night visit

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Late night visit

Postby Peter Drake » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:29 am

It was dark and windy night. There were shadows playing around the airfield lamps and the air was full of whispers as the wind danced in treetops. Somebody silently approached a man doing night watch and kind of reported.
"Hey there! I'm looking for sultry island maidens. Saw any? Oh, I mean Peter Drake reporting for duty, sir!" saluted more like a civilian.

Aw, it is so late again, almost 4 am, but I'm kind of night person and daysleeper. Night operations would be no problem though ;)

I have never been in military service before. Done civilian service instead, one and half year in a hospital fixing computers, sometimes under pressure and crazy conditions, like pathology and surgery, so in the end I saw dead bodies and blood I tried to avoid. Good the pathologist gave me a drink for nerves beforehand. After the service I was doing propagation and graphic works for a company designing traffic infrastructure.

My skills are many and none. Can work with wood, use various tools (home improvement ftw), computers (build, use, graphics, amateur design of webpages), take photos, drive a car, sort stuff in outstanding ways. Also I have solid orientation sense (when I use a word shortcut, my wife tries to run away :D, but I always enjoyed boy scouting), am detailman seeing an inequality at the first sight, can stay up for over 48 hours without sleep. I am mostly optimist and possimist at the same time hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. I am deciding with my heart and thinking with head in clouds, it is kind of unpredictable personality surprising self what may be inside. I have yet to discover own possibilities. I rather give than take. Zodiac sign cancer. Not native english speaker, but such people have funny accent and sometimes come up with cool word that is definitely missing in a dictionary :)

My only link to the aviation are dragons and the Flying Cloud. I like sci-fi movies and fantasy books, online comics (indeed, navigated here over island maidens banner), computer games, riding a bike, walking outside, mysteries, ambience, feeling of a moment. Would love to travel, but times are rought at the moment.

Well, hope we won't be standing out all night doing introductions. A tea would warm my chilled bones.
May the light be with you.
Peter Drake
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