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Auto Racing

Postby Pastor_Mac » Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:38 pm

My wife & I attended the Indycar race at Pocono last Sunday. 1st time ever seeing the pinnacle of American open wheel cars on a fast track. Really great race until Sage Karam went into the wall and the car disintegrated as it actually is designed to do in order to reduce energy and protect the driver. Sadly, the nose stayed together and ended up striking Justin Wilson in the head immediately rendering him unconscious and he went into the inside wall. We were sitting on the main straight and probably fortunately we couldn't see the actual incident. Indeed, the track never showed the replay on the video boards so I knew it wasn't good. Track announcers did say he was being airlifted out but no speculation to Justin's condition was given. I suspect the safety crews probably knew immediately he wasn't going to make it when the got to the car. Nonetheless, valiant efforts were noted trying to save him.

The lat race of the season is this Sunday out in wine country at Sonoma. I suspect this event will feel more like a funeral rather than a climax to the season.
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Re: Auto Racing

Postby Kona » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:35 pm

I raced open wheel modifieds on dirt tracks and short paved ovals in the Fresno area in the early '60s, and I followed all forms of auto racing until the last couple of decades, when it all got too commercial and rules-ridden for my interest. It was always a dangerous sport. I knew several local racers who went on to Indy fame personally, including Johnny Boyd, George Snider and Billy Vukovich Jr.

Vietnam and family obligations prevented me from following a racing career, but perhaps it was just as well. I lost many good friends and a brother-in-law to racing, and we have all shared the loss of many admirable talents over the decades. No true racing fan wants to see crashes; the best race is a clean one with close competition between well matched cars and drivers. But crashing is the ultimate penalty for pushing the envelope over its edge, and an inevitable part of the sport.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience at the race where Justin died. Our thoughts and prayers will be with his family.
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