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Postby LordGreystoke » Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:33 am

This forum is a new feature, and it will take us some time to learn how to use it to best advantage. In the interim, there will be an awkward transitional period while we work out the best way to administer the thing and avoid the dread plague of spam. For the immediate future, we plan to leave the Newly Registered User and Moderation Lists with their default settings and review them at least twice per day to identify robots and admit real human beings to the Royal Navy Air Service as expediently as possible. (Members of non-human species will be accredited with diplomatic status and admitted as Representatives of Friendly Nations). This means it may take a few hours for your very first post to appear. As we gain experience, we'll relax the default permissions, simplify settings, and do everything in our power to make things as swift as possible, because we're an idle lot who would rather be relaxing at the club with a snifter of fine brandy after a satisfying day of aviation.

Please bear with us while we make the inevitable mistakes. If you have particular experience administering forums of this sort, we welcome your recommendations! And if you have any complaints, blame Jenkins.
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