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Eight Worlds Fiction

Postby RobertPlamondon » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:24 pm

There's a body of Eight Worlds Fiction floating around, though most is sadly not available on the Web. Much of it consists of campaign writeups, which tend to be unlike any campaign writeups you've ever seen! Other material was written by Paul for various nefarious purposes.

I know from experience that the Eight Worlds is fascinating and seductive, having been a player from 1983-1995. In addition to the universe itself and Paul's GM'ing, I admire the utter simplicity of his rules system. I doubt that any of my character sheets ever extended to the back side of a single sheet of paper.

For sheer bulk of Eight Worlds fiction, my own novel, One Survivor (http://www.nortoncreekpress.com/one_survivor.html) and its partly completed sequel, Tainted Gold probably take the prize. You can read the first third of One Survivor and all that exists so far of Tainted Gold online at the links above.

Happy Eight Worlding!

-- Robert
"The only thing to fear is fear itself. And women, when they have that look on their face."

Read my Gazis-inspired SF novel, One Survivor: http://www.nortoncreekpress.com/one_survivor.html
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Re: Eight Worlds Fiction

Postby llennhoff » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:55 pm

Warren Dew has a theory that old people do not actually become senile, rather there is simply no one alive who can interpret their cryptic references. Now that I am living in a new state, surrounded by people who never gamed I certainly find that they stare at me oddly as I declare such things as

Wow, Da! Time to go.

I mean Earth is like, you know, our original home. Those other planets just freak people out, And anyway, who cares even.

It is never pilot error

and the ever nervous making:

The decadent vermin of the outer worlds have not been hardened by the unspeakable agonies our ancestors faced on San Vincento!

Professionally, I am always delighted at work when I can proclaim with a straight face "You can never be too sure about security." Good thing my coworkers are unaware of the context.

So what Eight Worlds (or other Gazis inspired) verbal ticks remain with you after all these years?
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Re: Eight Worlds Fiction

Postby Brian » Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:59 am

[llennhoff] So what Eight Worlds (or other Gazis inspired) verbal ticks remain with you after all these years?

Sometimes I, in my role as pater familias, issue safety warnings: these start with what I consider to be good advice ("Tie your hair back when you use that"), but on several occasions I have lapsed into backward-chaining that describes the danger in question and how it could lead to injury, and injury can lead to death, and ... wait for it ... "Death is not safe," the whole thing having started when Paul was working on an Expert System by day and running Traveller at night. Our ship's computer had been programmed not to let us do anything that would be unsafe, and I guess you can figure out the rest.

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