Comments and questions on Ship Construction

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Comments and questions on Ship Construction

Postby ffilz » Fri Jan 15, 2010 11:41 pm

Drive N mass formula should be 9N+2 (I note your examples combine drive and structure).

What is the TL range? I thought your TLs were in the 10-12 range. If TL is 10, it looks like your avionics formula is off by a factor of 2. Are the avionics all fixed purpose, or can software be swapped out (it seems unlikely hardware can be swapped out)?

In the examples, I assume life support x/y is staterooms/low berths (and then rounded to nearest .5). You have mentioned autodocs before, do they cost the same as a low berth (I think you mentioned they mass the same as a low berth).

You missed the mass/cost of turrets.

Also, no mention of the difference between streamlined and not.

The airframe formula don't make sense, also, is the cost of 1200-2000 Tn hulls actually the same?

Shield formula doesn't make sense, and they all can't cost 3?

What is the difference between [3] and [6] energy weapons? I assume [6] is a long-6 based on your Wild Hunt writeup. I'm a bit surprised caronade, pulse laser, and laser cannon all cost the same, otherwise the differences make sense (though perhaps not the "hits" being the same for all small lasers). Is the surface the amount of surface for a turret mounting that kind of weapon (with single, double, and triple turrets possible). Old writeups mention fixed mounts, does that save the 1 Tn of a turret?

Well, there's a start for questions...

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