The Charter of the College of Translators

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The Charter of the College of Translators

Postby Jenkins » Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:52 am

As you may have noticed, many characters in The Flying Cloud speak languages other than English. Unfortunately, none of these are among the limited number of languages with which the author has any substantial acquaintance. This has forced him to turn to online translation services such as Yahoo’s Babelfish, with results that have varied from ‘adequate’ to ‘hysterical’.

For this reason, the Signal Corps of the Royal Navy Airship Service has created the College of Translators! This forum contains an episode-by-episode list of every non-English phrase in the story, the language it is alleged to be in, and what it was supposed to mean. We urge you Noble Readers who are fluent in the languages involved to offer suggestions and corrections. We will acknowledge your contributions in the prestigious College of Translators Roll of Honor, and add them to story whenever possible.

We've begun this forum on an episode-by-episode basis: one topic per episode. Feel free to add more topics as you see fit. All we ask is that everyone remain polite regarding this most subjective and controversial of topics, and excuse the author's poor command of languages other than his own -- we leave it to you to judge whether he has any meaningful command of his own language :)
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