Episode 264

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Episode 264

Postby PKO Strany » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:39 am

You write, Mister Cartwell seemed unimpressed. "I'm the citizens are grateful for your diligence."

Did you mean to imply that Mr. Cartwell was sure that the citizens of Darwin were grateful for Chief Constable Chanel's diligence in suppressing the Anarchist threat. But given that they are members of the Empire, shouldn't they be subjects, rather than citizens?
PKO Strany
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Re: Episode 264

Postby jba8472 » Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:24 am

American vs. British politics/vocabulary. Cartwell is probably used to saying "citizens" from simply being an American. Though, if he is an intelligence operative (which I believe) he should know the difference. Maybe a well-timed dig against the British Empire? As to your first point, methinks Cartwell was simply being sarcastic.
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Re: Episode 264

Postby PaulGazis » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:50 am

Of course, if he's an intelligence operative, he wouldn't want to give this away by revealing
that he knew the difference between British and American terminology... unless he felt that
pretending not to know the difference would reveal he was an intelligence operative... in
which case he might show that he knew the difference... unless he thought this might lead
people to suspect he was an intelligence operative who was trying to hide this fact by not
pretending not to know the difference...
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