Episode 287: Kidnapping supplies what?

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Episode 287: Kidnapping supplies what?

Postby Jupiter » Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:33 pm

The Dutch text in the image is an accurate translation of the phrase "kidnapping supplies" if it would have been followed by a list of things supplied by kidnapping, such as enormous riches, hostages and probably jailtime...

The phrase you'd probably want is "Let op! Ontvoeringsbenodigdheden" or, if you'd want to include a pun, you might use "Pas op! Bindmiddelen" (binding agents, but "binden" also means "tying up") instead.

Also "Ze te vangen" has a similar issue, it's only part of a phrase. "Grijp ze!" would be a better option.

Hope this helps! Still tremendously enjoying the story!
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