Nit-picky items in Episode 290

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Nit-picky items in Episode 290

Postby ballpien » Mon Oct 06, 2014 6:31 pm

I’m continuing to enjoy the story very much; as always, thanks for sharing it.

I did notice some possible errors in the most recent episode though. My suggested corrections are in parentheses:

In this maze of shipping, the Todstalker passed unnoticed. Sigmund had ordered his men to anchor on the far side of the harbor. Now he stood on the schnellboot's armored bridge, studying the air station through a spotting scope. Several vessels ride (rode) from the masts, but there was no sign of their quarry. This was not a promising development.


Miss Perkins had no fear of being recognized. After weeks of dressing as crone, she could reply (rely) on her real appearance as a disguise.


The clerk at the desk looked up as she stepped through the door(missing period) It didn't take much imagination to guess his throughts (thoughts) when he noticed she'd arrived alone.

While this isn't an error in the text per se, I also noticed that the episode title is showing up as "Episode Episode 290: Let's All Marshal in the Marshalls". I suspect that one of the episodes is redundant.

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