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burma shave

Postby nobodyy23 » Tue May 23, 2017 7:11 pm

hi, i'm new to the forums but read the comic for awhile now. a silent reader normally. but the title of this comic made me remember a visit with my (now deceased ) hundred year old(at the time) barber who recounted some memories of his time in the pacific during WWII. as a military barber. and asked me if i wanted to see a picture of his Burma barber shop. i said yes, and was answered with a photo of him standing next to a chair in the middle of the jungle. so yeah i used to know a guy who gave Burma shaves. (yes the local "old barber" was 101 and still cutting hair) wish i had a copy of that photo. it was really neat to see.

btw, i love the comic. sorry I've never said anything before. but as I've tried to cryptically say in my signature. i tend to lurk around and not say anything alot
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Re: burma shave

Postby Kona » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:45 pm

Hey 23, welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing that story about the "Burma Shave". If I was that barber, I'd have that picture framed on the wall of my shop, just as a conversation piece. Our brushfire wars may be just as deadly to the combatants, but we will hopefully never experience anything like "Big 2".
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