"For that matter, what was our world like in 1926?"

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Re: "For that matter, what was our world like in 1926?"

Postby phillies » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:40 am

I think Austria-Hungary should have survived, especially if it became the Quadruple Monarchy. Swanson had some rationale for this.

In WW1, the Russians had a moderately long-range four-engine bomber, the plane being a pre-war design.
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Re: "For that matter, what was our world like in 1926?"

Postby LordVince » Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:27 am

Y'know, that's kinda an interesting point, there, phillies.

According to "Mr. Wilson's Peace", all the european combatant nations pretty much went back to their respective pre-War boundaries (probably a few minor variations), so Austria-Hungary would still exist. But I wonder. I know that the Kaiser was not exactly happy with the Austro-Hungarians for dragging his empire into what should have just been a small regional conflict.

So, I wonder -- while I have no doubt that Autria-Hungary would still be around, I wonder if it might not end up under even more direct control of the German Empire? More of a Subsidiary State, than a close Ally..."as the Government in Vienna has shown such poor judgement on the International Stage, henceforth all international dealings for Austria-Hungary shall be administered from Berlin..." (spoken from behind a large number of very pointy German bayonets ;) )

Remember that in "Our World", the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed after the Great War, and was split by the Versailles Treaty into the Federal Republic of Austria and the Hungarian Democratic Republic. Charles the 1st of Austria-Hungary gave up power almost as soon as the guns stopped firing. I don't think that it would be all that unbelievable to assume that, with Mr Wilson's Peace occuring only 2 years earlier, Charles I would fare any better with a pissed-off Kaiser Wilhelm and a fully mobilized German Army (in 1918, when the War ended, German soldiers on the front lines were NOT disarmed and sent home, they marched home in good order and were not disarmed until weeks later!) Hell, by the end of war in 1918, the German High Command was pretty much running the whole show, anyways. Siezing Vienna after the Armistice would have been easy.

Actually, if you look at it that way, it could kinda be said that the "Germans" actually "won" the Great War -- because they would gain control of Austria-Hungary, while Charles I continued as figurehead -- while (Tsarist) Russia most definately lost, and the Western Allies (Britian, France, Italy, etc.) just got stuck with a big bill!

Heh-heh...and no reason for Anschluss a few decades later 8-)
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Re: "For that matter, what was our world like in 1926?"

Postby phillies » Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:10 am

We are two years in our world from the first television station. Indeed, I have a mid-20s National Geographic with coverage of the airship and the assertion that in 1932 you will be able to go to your local tavern and watch election coverage via picture radio.
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Re: "For that matter, what was our world like in 1926?"

Postby Clephan Reid » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:17 am

Ai! Ai! Fthagn something something...

We have already seen some foreshadowing of Japanese plans. When the CF stops in at Port Morsby for resupply in route to New Caledonia the crew notice all the 'Japanese tourists' taking photographs in front of some interesting, and militarily important, locations. I served in Germany during the cold war and we were told to keep an eye out for people taking too much interest in military reservations and activities and when I read that I immediately knew what was going on.

On another note, Howard Phillips, Lovecraft not the ship captain, said that present day earth was the result of people failing to stop the cultists when the stars were right.
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