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Re: The Precocious Animated Duck Awards

Postby PaulGazis » Tue Dec 16, 2014 5:35 am

Fossore wrote:In Episode 71: The Dancer, we encounter the Gravin Margaretha Zelle. Captain Everett implies that she was a spy for the enemy and at one point calls her "mata". This all suggests that she is the world's Mata Hari. Since our version of the same was executed in 1917 for espionage, this constitutes a substantial difference.

Ah, but remember that in the world of the Flying Cloud, the War ended in November of 1916, so Mata's safe!

I suppose that since it ended with an armistice, from a standpoint of international law some of the belligerants may still technically be in a state of war, but they all agreed to stop fighting, so Mata's still safe :)
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Re: The Precocious Animated Duck Awards

Postby Mutabilis » Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:48 pm

Well, given that Germany was technically at war with the victors of WW2 until the reunification in 1989 ...
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