Copyright law and all that

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Copyright law and all that

Postby PaulGazis » Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:50 am

One valuable side-effect of this UK Secretary of Defense nonsense is that it prompted me to review all the
graphics to look for ones that might really be copyright infringements. Fortunately, most of the photos
and contemporary images are almost 90-years old -- well outside the relevant lifetime. That's one of the
reasons I set this tale back in the 1920s. The few exceptions are all US Government photos, which are
specifically not copyrighted. But a few of the graphics did seem problematical. Donald and Daffy, in the
Extras section, have now been pixelated to indistinguishable blurs to avoid the ire of Warner Brothers
corporation. The Monopoly (tm) card parodies in Episodes 35 and 65 have been replaced by images that no
longer bear any significant resemblance to Monopoly (tm) cards. If someone from the Hasbro Corporation
wishes to claim IP rights to black borders, the color red, or the Arial type font, please let me know :)

I'm not quite sure where we stand with the fake National Geographic covers in Episode 159. This is quite
obviously 'derivative work', but is this sufficient to protect it? Could National Geographic claim trademark
infringement for the use of their title and/or title font? Perhaps, so I'll probably change those as soon as I
have a chance.

That's pretty much all I could spot for now. If any of you notice something I missed, feel free to send me
a message, and thanks! The Royal Navy Airship Service couldn't survive without your support :)
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