Airships in Fact and Fiction.


Airships in Fact and Fiction.

Postby PaperCraft120 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:25 pm

Hello all-Ive always been a LTA fan since seeing 'Zeppelin' as a kid-[The WW1 Movie w Micheal York abt Fictional raid on UK ]
And then 'Slide Rule'-[Non Fiction Biographical]-by Neville Shute and his work on the R 101 in the 1930s UK.
And so-being an LTA Fan and a -sometimes- Papercraft model fan, i keep an eye out for any like subjects.
Several of the German Card kit -cardstock- model companys have already printed Airship template models you can buy.
However-there are a few that are free to download and print yourself from on line Hobbyist. And generally won't kill your Ink cartridges.
I'll attach some of what i've found here and there on the 'net.
The Forum post for fact & Fiction-I was curious what else has been read by anyone else? I know Airships are a big part of the 'Steam punk'
RPG Gamer's adventures and the Crimson skies PC/ 1:300 scale [?] Aircraft game.
I recall reading one of the 'Doc Savage' Paperbacks -40 odd years ago-and reprints from the 1930s Originals then, that had a cameo of a TransAtlantic Pax
Airship in it.[ Back when they-like,Moored at the Empire State Bldg.s mast in the Books]
Walt Disney had a movie from the 1960'son a fictional French Aeronaut and his Semi-Ridgid AS going on an Adventure to a lost arctic -somewhere...
- but the title escape's me at the moment.
A book series for YA that i found via Rocket-Man-Tans Airship Papercraft.
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Re: Airships in Fact and Fiction.

Postby Kona » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:03 pm

I remember seeing “Zeppelin” in the theater, probably because it had Elke Sommer, who I had a huge crush on. However, it didn’t make a big impression on me, probably because it wasn’t that good of a story. The scene I remember most was one of a German Zeppelin above the clouds being guided by a spotter hanging from a long cable. At least I think that was the movie. There was also “Fraulein Doktor” which had a lot of scenes like that.

A good book about airships and things of that nature is “Leviathan” by Scott Westerfield. It’s supposed to be for “young adults”, but I enjoyed it very much. The following two books in the series, “Behemoth” and “Goliath” felt a little stretched, but still good. It’s also an alternate history of World War I, with some good actual history to extrapolate from.

My favorite Nevil Shute book was “Trustee From the Tool Room”, although it was about sailing and model railroading, not airships.

The Disney movie you’re thinking of was probably “The Island at the Top of the World”, 1974. I never saw it, but now I’m thinking of trying to find it.
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Re: Airships in Fact and Fiction.

Postby Sarge » Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:43 am

I just finished "The Guns Above" by Robyn Bennis. It's her first novel, a steampunk tale of the first woman in her world to command an airship in a war zone. I enjoyed it. Snappy dialog between interesting characters, lots of exciting action scenes, and here's the unusual part: she really understands airships! Most of the steampunk I've read, they either gloss over the details of airships (unsatisfying) or get them wrong (aggravating). This story gets it right.
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Re: Airships in Fact and Fiction.

Postby Kona » Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:58 pm

Awesome, I'll have to check it out. I confess to not knowing much about airships until I met "The Flying Cloud", so I wouldn't know when an author is getting some details wrong. If it was about sailing or historic railroads, I'd be on firmer ground. But steampunk is good, very good.
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