How does the RN manage hydrogen's inflammability?


How does the RN manage hydrogen's inflammability?

Postby Cody » Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:05 am

I was thinking that one possible way to handle hydrogen's inflammability would be to fill the space between the gas bags, and the external skin with exauste gases from the engines.

The oxygen should be nearly completely all exhausted, and the resulting mixture would serve as a buffer between the gas bags and the outside air. The external skin would not have to be gas proof, just mostly gas proof. Maybe just doped fabric. The buffer gas should be replenished anytime the engines are running. It should be easy to provide the buffer gas with a positive pressure. This should prevent the two from mixing, even if the ship was shot with a machine gun. The buffer gas would be pushed out by the positive pressure, keeping normal air away from the hydrogen.
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Re: How does the RN manage hydrogen's inflammability?

Postby 7thsealord » Mon May 20, 2013 12:54 pm

I'm VERY late coming in on this.

But my impression is that this means the aforementioned spaces are constantly being filled with hot gases (worrying in itself) rich in by-products of internal combustion (Carbon Monoxide, for one). Thinking an important job airship crewmen have is to climb into those same spaces to do maintenance (such as checking for leaks) - probably at very short notice, sometimes.
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